Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Creative Husband!

 I've been married to this wonderful man for over 30 years.

Troy is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, friend and a man who strives to live a life that honors the Lord.  He is selfless and giving and a man who has worked hard and provided well for his family.  Over the years he has indulged his wife and daughters by figuring out how to create the “amazing ideas" we come up with.  He has been so patient with us and we all love him for that. 
One of the latest creations was a headboard for Tori and Colin.  June 2 is a big day in the Glasco family….it is Haley’s birthday, Tori & Colin’s anniversary and the due date of our little Emme.  We will see if she decides to share the date or establish her own special day!  Tori has been wanting a headboard for their bed and we looked at some creative possibilities during the Spring antique show in Warrenton.  I decided that a new headboard would be a great anniversary gift for Tori & Colin and my wonderful husband was up to the challenge.
Our barn is full of treasures (or as my loving son in law Nathan calls it… junk!)  Among those treasures are several old doors and lumber scraps from our farm house renovation.  Troy decided to play with some of those scraps and created the perfect headboard! 
 We painted it with a white chalk paint and distressed it. 
Not knowing when Miss Emme will decide to make her appearance, we decided to deliver the headboard last week and they loved it!   
 Thank you Troy for being so wonderful!!!!  (Somehow I think he agrees with that pillow :)

He has an even more amazing project coming up!  Troy & I (aka Gpa & Mia) are working on a grandkids play area upstairs….I can’t wait to share this creation….it is going to be so much fun!  But before then I hope to be sharing pictures of our new soon as she decides she is ready to meet her family!

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Paige said...

Love it! I'm so grateful for our handy men :) It gets us all kinds of cool stuff!