Friday, September 3, 2010

Lake Travis!

We were able to fit one long weekend in for our “family vacation” this year. We spent our first ever weekend at Lake Travis. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend (thanks Sharon) we rented a house at The Hollows. We had a great time! Tori and I spent most of our time at the pool, while the rest of the crew was more adventurous with wave runners and water skiing. (Well except for Memie—her preference was reading and napping at the house :)

Carlee before....

Carlee after she said Uncle Troy tried to kill her...

Nathan being Nathan....

Nathan learning humility...

G-pa still has it!

We even had Memie's feet in the water...once

What great kids!

Our crew minus the photographer...Haley

The next family getaway will include a new addition ---
can’t wait!

The Count Down!

Last weekend we went to help Tori & Colin finish preparing the nursery for Luke. G-pa put the stroller and swing together while Haley and I helped Tori wash tons of baby clothes (that boy is going to be well dressed!) and organize all of the other baby necessities. How can one small person need so much stuff?! We got the new clock hung and the cute letters to fill the frame over the bed. Colin got home in time to hang another rod in the closet. We even added a handy little gate to keep Hannah out of Luke’s room—sorry, no puppy hair allowed. The nursery is precious! The pictures really don't do it justice.

Tori & Colin have finished their childbirth classes and after a comical diapering lesson with a sock monkey—I do believe the Bryan house is ready for Luke to make his appearance.

I heard from Tori today after her doctor’s appointment—nope, no progress yet. Three weeks to go until his due date and we are all anxious.Be praying with us for a healthy little boy and a safe and smooth delivery
for the new mommy (& daddy!)

Aren't they a good looking couple?! This is going to be one cute little boy!!!!