Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Cottage Gets A New Look!

 I have wanted to redecorate the Cottage for a while. With a granddaughter on the way and a new nursery to decorate it was time to "repurpose" some of the precious pink items from the cottage; the time to start my project seemed perfect. About the time I had the entire cottage torn apart I received a phone call from someone wanting to rent the cottage in 10 days! I tried to explain that I didn’t feel I could have it ready that quickly but the caller truly desired to experience our B & B.  I reluctantly agreed and began to work like a crazy woman. I painted and sewed and created and with only a few hours to spare had the cottage ready for my guests to check in. I’ll admit that I had to “borrow” a few items from my house to complete the d├ęcor but knowing the huge Round Top antique show was only a few weeks away I decided to wait to see what treasures I would be able to find to complete the new look. (Who knows??? I may find things for the house and leave the “borrowed” items in the cottage!) Regardless, I am pleased with the new look and anxious to find those last little finishing touches. Let me know what you think!

Forgive Me!

Ok...I confess I am the world's worst blogger!

I will give a quick update and then move forward to see if I can improve my blogging skills!

Our grandson, Luke Gardner Bryan, arrived on October 6, 2010. He is the most precious boy in the world!!!
Troy & I LOVE being grandparents!

Our middle daughter, Haley, got married on November 5, 2011.

We have a wonderful new son-in-law, Kyle.

Another beautiful wedding at the farm!

Luke is going to be a big brother in June! We are getting a granddaughter!!!!

Our family is our greatest blessing!

I totally redecorated The Cottage over the past couple of weeks. So excited about the results and will write about that in my next post.

I know many other things have happened in our lives in the past 18 months but I will spare you an entire play by play.

Here’s hoping I can do a better job keeping this blog current….