Monday, August 9, 2010

And Now We Wait.....

God has blessed us greatly!

Tori has had two beautiful showers given and attended by loving friends and family. I think she and Colin now have everything they need for little Luke…so now we wait! The preparation has been so much fun and has gone by so quickly. The shower this past weekend was the last trip Tori will make to Brenham until after Luke arrives. It was amazing to realize that the next time she comes home, she will have a baby! She is radiant as a pregnant mommy and has handled this miraculous journey with grace and true joy. She is going to be a wonderful mother. Our prayers now are for a smooth labor and delivery and a very healthy baby Luke.

"Little Boys Are A Hoot!"

The food was amazing as you can see!

Hostesses: Natalie, Aunt Paige, Aunt Haley, Debbie & Traci

Carlee, Traci, Haley & Rachel

Tami & Rhonda

Classic Haley!!!!!

Brenham Shower #2
Beautiful Mommy to Be

Hostesses: Nancy, Angela, Daphne, Jane, Sunni,
Cathy & Johanna (There in spirit--Meredith)

Too cute!

Luke's Memie, Mommy & Mia

Great Grandmother Lee

Anxiously waiting.... :)


Paige said...

Hurry up Luke!!! Like your new background Mom!

Tori said...

such a sweet post, love you mom!! crazy to think that Luke will make the next trip back home. wow.... now we wait for sure and I hope he waits just a little bit longer :)

Haley said...

aww... this post made me get kind of emotional.... weird. this last month is going to be a killer... cannot wait for luke to be here!