Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exciting Changes for our In Town Location

This past year with our new location in town has been wonderful! People have absolutely loved the house and have told their friends about it. As great as it has been--more exciting changes are on the way. We are booked solid at this location until mid-April and then will welcome some more permanent guests----our daughter and son in law!

We are beyond excited that our youngest daughter, Paige, and her wonderful husband, Nathan, are finishing college and moving to Brenham. They will begin working for Glasco & Company the first of May.

This is an exciting new chapter in our lives. Haley continues to live in Brenham and will be expanding her business, The Muffin Top, this summer. And the most exciting of all---we are going to be grandparents!!!! Tori & Colin will present us with our first grandchild in September! Oh--if it could only work out to have them closer to Brenham!!!! The Lord and I continue to discuss this!!!

With that being said, thank you guests for being part of our In Town B & B experience---who knows--at some point the house may once again be receiving guests--we will keep you posted. For now--we are just hoping we get to be guests for dinner one night--Paige is a great cook!

Blessings to all!


Haley said...

I hope to be a dinner guest every night!

Paige said...

Mom, you will always be welcome for dinner!! I can't wait!

Haley---I will get my tip jar out for you to leave GENEROUS tips every night then ;) Oh and when I say tips, I mean the money kind---not your opinions!