Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Work In Progress

As promised, I have posted pictures of the little house in town we are transforming into a B & B. It is obviously in the early stages--no landscaping or embellishments.

The inside is pretty raw at this point. We are adding a new shower to the second bath. The end product is going to be wonderful! The tile work actually began over the weekend.

The overall look of the house will be french country and we have several special touches in store. Many unique pieces of furniture have already been purchased. It will truly be quite a transformation. You may not be convinced yet that this is the place you will insist on staying when you hit the antique stores in Brenham but you will be convinced before it is all said and done! Check back in for updates!

1 comment:

Haley said...

yeah yeah, bed and breakfast... when will this house be for sale?